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Sanctuary Estates is a pre-eminent country residential subdivision community in western Canada.  Your decision to purchase property in this development will be rewarded by an exceptional quality of life.

The intent of these Architectural Controls is to develop a "character" for Sanctuary Estates that allows a range of variety and richness to develop on individual houses while at the same time creates an underlying order and cohesiveness in the entire subdivision.  Adherence to these controls will ensure that your investment is protected and that Sanctuary Estates remains a premier subdivision in years to come.


The County of Camrose Land Use Bylaw and these Architectural Controls have established the standards for development as set out by JAGR Land Developments.  Specific reference should be made to the County of Camrose Bylaw requirements in all cases.  Conformity with these Architectural Controls does not supersede the required municipal approval process.

The Developer and his consultants assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information herein provided, or for any losses or damages that may be attributed to the use of this document.


Adherence to these guidelines and controls is mandatory. 

2.0    THE LOT

The siting and size of the buildings shall conform to the requirements of the County of Camrose current Land Use Bylaw.  The dwellings and open spaces on each lot shall be designed and constructed to achieve a pleasant streetscape, to protect the privacy of each dwelling and to take maximum advantage of the natural characteristics of the lot such as sun angles. Siting and house layout should minimize overview and overshadowing of neighbors.

Building setbacks from the front, rear and side property lines as well as the maximum site coverage will conform to the requirements of the County of Camrose Land Use Bylaw.  The current front, side and rear yard setbacks are as follows:

Front        Side        Rear
10 m.        7.6 m.        7.6 m.

Side yard set backs may be relaxed on pie shaped lots.

Owners will receive building grade information to assist in the siting of the dwelling.


Lot grading shall be consistent with the subdivision-grading plan.

Retaining walls are to be avoided and replaced by slopes of landscaping.

Railway or landscape ties are not permitted.

No grading shall be done which causes water retention on the lot, or causes water to drain into neighboring lots.


No landscaping is allowed that does not take into consideration the physical attributes of the lot and adjoining properties, and the design of the dwelling.

2.3    FENCES

Rear and side yards may be fenced.  Side yard fences shall be a maximum of 6’ in height. A ranch style rail fence is encouraged.

Fences at the back of the Lots shall be located on the rear property line of the Lot.  Any future replacement of the fence shall be built in the same location as the original fence. 

Fences in the front yard are allowed and may include a security gate.  The maximum height is 6’.  All fences must be constructed of wood, stone, brick, or wrought iron.


Each Lot shall include a driveway.  Driveways must be finished in gravel, pavement or aggregate.  Driveways must be a minimum width equal to the width of the garage and a minimum length 24 feet.

Sidewalks in the front yard shall match the finish of the driveway.


Other than for waste collection, all refuse and items being disposed of must be kept in a contained area at the side or rear of the house prior to disposal.  Items no longer in use and considered refuse must be removed from the Lot. 

No item may be stored or parked on the front yard area other than on the driveway. 

All landscaping, lawns, fences, building or other improvements incorporated into the Lot must be maintained in good and proper working order and appearance at all times.

3.0    THE HOUSE

Bungalows shall be a minimum of 1500 sq. ft. and two storey houses shall have a minimum of 2000 sq. ft. 

Relocated used homes or mobile homes are not permitted other than as set forth herein.


Shed and A-frame roofs are not allowed.  Galvanized metal roofing is not allowed.

Roofs may be covered with asphalt shingles, shakes or colored metal roofing.

Roof overhangs shall extend 2 feet from the building wall.  Where the roof pitch design does not facilitate this amount of overhang, it may be reduced to 18 inches.  Columns may come forward to the edge of the roof such that there is no overhang between this eave and the column line.

Galvanized finish for roof stacks; flues, flashings, etc. is not allowed.  All must be pre-finished in neutral colors or painted to match the roof color.  All prefabricated fireplace flues must be framed and clad.

Masonry chimneys are allowed. 

Gutters and rainwater leaders shall be the same color as the fascia and soffit.  Proper drainage away from the house to minimize erosion at the termination of spouts by using splash pads or retractable spout extensions is required.

Fascias shall be a minimum size of 2" x 8”.


All exposed concrete shall be parged with a textured finish.

3.3    GARAGES

Garages must be attached to the dwelling and must be a minimum of 24’ X 24’.  Additional garages must be located behind the dwelling.  Material used to finish the home must be the same material used to finish additional garages.  All guidelines regarding the dwelling shall also apply to any detached garage. 


Garden sheds are permitted to a maximum of one per Lot. Garden sheds must be located behind the dwelling without encroachment to side or rear yard setbacks. 


No satellite dish or antenna attached to the dwelling or otherwise placed on the Lot shall be higher than 3 meters above the highest point of the dwelling.


Utility Lines are located in the public utility lots or easements.  Purchasers are responsible for the cost of completion of all utility connections to their property.  Owners shall not in any way interfere with utility lines located in easements.


Purchasers (or their Builders) are required to keep the Lot clean and orderly at all times during construction. 

All excavated soil and materials must be contained within the confines of the Lot. Surplus materials shall not be dumped or disposed of within the subdivision.  The Purchaser shall be responsible for the removal of any spillage or materials from any area outside of the confines of the Lot.


Packaging material and other waste materials from the construction site must be disposed of in the proper manner at an authorized landfill site outside of the subdivision area.  Purchasers shall be held liable for the cost of removal of any waste materials, which are found to be dumped within the subdivision.


A maximum of One Recreational Vehicle per lot may be used as temporary accommodation prior to new home construction.

A maximum of One Recreational Vehicle may be stored on a purchaser’s lot.
No permanent porch or deck may be attached to the Recreational Vehicle.

Recreational Vehicles in disrepair or that have damaged exteriors may not be stored on any Lot.


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